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Reflection: Bipolar Disorder and God

I have always been interested in the connections between mental disorders and religion.  Perhaps the association is more obvious in a religious culture such as the one where I live (Utah County), where it seems that the more severe the … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

My grandson hunts for Easter Eggs in the garden:

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Toolkit: More Focus Phrases for Mindfulness Practice

Here are a few more phrases which I like to use (one at a time) when I am meditating.  The list is modified and expanded from a presentation by colleague Peggy Muench at our monthly case consult meeting: Take more … Continue reading

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Help for Compulsive Hoarding

Hoarding has traditionally been considered a subset of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  It shows some clear differences from typical OCD, however, and will likely warrant its own diagnostic category in the upcoming DSM-5. One of the most difficult aspects of compulsive … Continue reading

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Toolkit: Simplify!

Source of photo I’m always trying to come up with simpler versions of the assignments I give to patients to work on between sessions.  It is helpful to have techniques at hand to deal with the vicissitudes of of daily … Continue reading

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What I Learned at My Last CE Workshop

UPA‘s workshop yesterday was here in Provo (hooray!  a 15 minute drive instead of a 60 minute drive) at Wasatch Mental Health. David Ranks, PhD, presented about the biological underpinnings of health and psychological functioning.  As researchers learn more about … Continue reading

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