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Toolkit: Divorce with Young Children

The American Psychological website has links to resources on handling divorce when young children are involved.  The most important consideration is touched on here: Research suggest that it’s not divorce in itself that most harms children, but the tension between … Continue reading

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Your Weekly Chuckle: You Know You’re Too Stressed When…*

You can achieve a “runners high” by sitting up. The sun is too loud. You’re missing several days from this week. Trees begin to chase you. You can see individual air molecules vibrating. You say the same sentence over & … Continue reading

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Suicidality Toolkit: Suggestions for Family and Friends

If a person is immediately suicidal, get help now.  Call 911, call their prescriber, call their therapist. Get them to a safe place. But after the person has their professional support system and the first level of treatment in place, … Continue reading

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