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Toolkit: Mini Relaxation Techniques

Dealing effectively with an anxiety disorder requires a two-pronged approach. First, we must develop a personalized daily routine for general anxiety reduction.  This should probably include enjoyable physical exercise (with stretches – yoga is a good option), good sleep hygiene, … Continue reading

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Book (p)Review: The Diagnosis Formerly Known as Asperger’s Syndrome

The book is actually The Journal of Best Practices, by David Finch, recommended to me by a patient who is working on similar issues.  The author is an engineer turned essayist and comedy-writer.  I really like his blog in Psychology Today … Continue reading

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Practicing Psychotherapy: Patient Aftercare

So here is a survey that I think I’ll start mailing people after they finish therapy.  I’m not trying to make it psychometrically solid or anything, I’m just trying to get feedback for improvement.  If it’s too long or asking … Continue reading

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Deep Loss

Here is a poem I wrote after my first loss.  You can see the influence of Emily Dickinson in the brevity, the slant-rhyme, and of course the subject matter. Losing Lucy   Just as we were meeting, she Slid quick … Continue reading

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Death and Grieving

I have experienced two episodes of clinical depression in my life, and both had to do with death.  Other dear ones had died, and I had grieved, but these cut too close to the bone, and I slipped from grief … Continue reading

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After Suicide

There may be no pain worse than what is left behind by a suicide. Why do we use the term “survivor” when we lose someone to suicide? Because mourning a death by suicide is a much more intense and confusing … Continue reading

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Book (p)Review: Silent Sons

My own therapist, Mary Lou Smith, recommended this book to me.  It’s a little older – 1993 – but it seems to me to be still relevant for men who grew up in dysfunctional families and learned to suck it … Continue reading

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