ADA and Accommodations

I’m fortunate as a psychologist to have an in-house specialist (well, in-family, anyway) for helping my patients and me with requests for accommodations at work or at school under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Anxiety, depression, attentional or other problems can seriously impact a person’s ability to function in employment or academic settings.  Quite frequently a few simple accommodations can make all the difference in the world.  Sometimes even well-meaning employers or teachers don’t understand the reasons for accommodations or how to implement them.

For several years my sister, Tena Mounga, ran her own human resources consulting company, specializing in helping employers to become compliant with state and federal regulations.  She served on the regional and National Labor Relations Board.  She is an expert and believes in what she does–and of relevance here, what she does is consult with me, unofficially and confidentially of course, when patients need accommodations for mental health issues.  I have submitted letters and requests for patients in a multitude of settings and for various reasons.  Sometimes the solution is so simple, and can make such a difference to success.

Tena has gone on to bigger and better things, now General Manager of Omni Seals, a Slumberger Company in LA.  She has developed an adaptable motivational and advancement program which is being introduced to Slumberger companies all over the world.  But she still gives me advice when I need it.

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