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The Ineffable Cheerfulness of Acknowledging Suffering and Impermanence

Some friends and family members have decided to read selected Buddhist teachings and talk about them together, all with our own reasons for doing it.  My main reason is that it makes me cheerful.  Roshi’s famous quote – “Life is … Continue reading

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Economic Resilience

This article from the APA Help Center  was first published in the depth of the Great Recession.  But with the stock market losses in the past few days, we may need the reminder again on handling economic stress: “As job losses soar and … Continue reading

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Getting Insured

This is a public service announcement.  🙂 Most of our children are self-employed, and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been a blessing for them.  But choosing the best of the many health insurance options on-line, on your own, is … Continue reading

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Mindful Eating

I started eating vegan about 9 months ago.  I’ve lost a fair amount of weight but even more importantly, I’ve brought my blood glucose levels down to normal. Here is an article on Jean Kristeller‘s MB-EAT, or Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training.  Excerpts: “[Her … Continue reading

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Sexual Incompatibility

Content note: Links in this post from 2012 discuss sexual abuse, among other sensitive subjects. Every couple I know* – in a therapy setting or not – has experienced sexual incompatibility at one point or another in their relationship. “Sexual incompatibility … Continue reading

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