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More Writing Prompts for Fun and (therapeutic) Profit

Make several lists: 1. phases of my life 2. people in my life 3. places in my life 4. places in my head 5. the world outside my hometown – people/places/events I relate to or feel something about 6. things … Continue reading

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Time Travel: Or, A Phenomenological Demonstration of Context-Dependent Memory

A journal entry from some time ago.  First I should note that my mother and I share an inherited autoimmune blood-clotting disorder which can lead to mini-strokes.  My husband is a little paranoid about any memory lapse or other cognitive … Continue reading

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Buddy Biofeedback

Many years ago, in a previous incarnation (in Houston Texas), I was a certified biofeedback therapist.  Here’s an exercise I wrote for partners. Biofeedback for relaxation training does not necessarily mean being hooked up with electrodes to an expensive machine.  … Continue reading

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Journal Writing Techniques

Here is a list of journaling techniques that I have used personally and with patients for many years.  Some come from my husband John the English professor, some from Progoff’s classic At a Journal Workshop, and some from Rainer’s The New Diary. … Continue reading

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Lowering the Bar

Most of my patients have a problem with doing things.  When they feel good and energetic, they know what they want to do, they plan it, and they do it.  But much of the time they either don’t know what … Continue reading

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Increasing Daily Pleasure

Nearly everyone who comes in for psychotherapy is struggling with symptoms of depression.  They no longer enjoy life.  They get little pleasure from things that previously made them happy. So do people feel depressed because we stop doing things we … Continue reading

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Some years ago I attended a UPA sponsored workshop in St. George on Ecopsychology, which I had never heard of before.  The workshop was a lot of fun (my husband came too) and I gathered the following ideas for incorporating consideration … Continue reading

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