More Writing Prompts for Fun and (therapeutic) Profit

Make several lists:
1. phases of my life
2. people in my life
3. places in my life
4. places in my head
5. the world outside my hometown – people/places/events I relate to or feel something about
6. things I know that matter
7. things I don’t know that matter
8. my regrets
9. my sorrows
10. my joys
11. my characteristics
12. things I’m not honest with myself about
13. things about me most people don’t know
14. things about me or things I’ve done that I am proud of
etc etc
Then sort the lists by heading a page with the following dichotomies and writing each list item in one or the other column:
important/not important
etc. with your own dichotomies
This kind of exercise is interesting to me because of what patterns begin to show up.  It’s a way of doing an informal factor analysis.  Give it a try and modify it as you wish.  You may find some accidental poetry forming – if it does, go ahead and use it to actually make a poem.  I haven’t done anything like this for awhile, but it can be fun and/or self-revelatory (not always the same thing).
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