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“Reverse Racism”

I recently came across this clear explanation of the accurate use of “reverse racism.” Advertisements

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Time Travel: Or, A Phenomenological Demonstration of Context-Dependent Memory

A journal entry from some time ago.  First I should note that my mother and I share an inherited autoimmune blood-clotting disorder which can lead to mini-strokes.  My husband is a little paranoid about any memory lapse or other cognitive … Continue reading

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Book (p)Review: The Diagnosis Formerly Known as Asperger’s Syndrome

The book is actually The Journal of Best Practices, by David Finch, recommended to me by a patient who is working on similar issues.  The author is an engineer turned essayist and comedy-writer.  I really like his blog in Psychology Today … Continue reading

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Your Weekly Chuckle: You Know You’re Too Stressed When…*

You can achieve a “runners high” by sitting up. The sun is too loud. You’re missing several days from this week. Trees begin to chase you. You can see individual air molecules vibrating. You say the same sentence over & … Continue reading

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