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How to Talk with Our Families and Neighbors When We Don’t Agree

This is a workshop my husband and I are putting on for a little neighborhood/church group tomorrow. 1) Know my own objective in the communication process.   Karla and John’s goal:  Discuss how to connect to family and neighbors while … Continue reading

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Caregiver Support

Taking on the Job Identify your support team. Who else shares the burden? Recognize that although we may feel alone, there are usually others we can lean on to a greater or lesser degree. Be realistic with yourself about what … Continue reading

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Introducing Assertiveness

Assertiveness training has been around since behaviorists Andrew Salter and Joseph Wolpe (separately) in the 60s first identified the passive –> assertive –> aggressive continuum of habitual relationship styles.  Passive or submissive people do not demand or expect regard for their own rights.  Aggressive people have no regard for … Continue reading

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Sexual Incompatibility

Content note: Links in this post from 2012 discuss sexual abuse, among other sensitive subjects. Every couple I know* – in a therapy setting or not – has experienced sexual incompatibility at one point or another in their relationship. “Sexual incompatibility … Continue reading

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Here’s my son Chris, with Matt and Landon in their band Coral Bones, and their first official music video. Here’s another video that’s a little less formal.  Enjoy! Because Chris has Bipolar I Disorder, the band decided to contribute all … Continue reading

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Book (p)Review: The Diagnosis Formerly Known as Asperger’s Syndrome

The book is actually The Journal of Best Practices, by David Finch, recommended to me by a patient who is working on similar issues.  The author is an engineer turned essayist and comedy-writer.  I really like his blog in Psychology Today … Continue reading

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After Suicide

There may be no pain worse than what is left behind by a suicide. Why do we use the term “survivor” when we lose someone to suicide? Because mourning a death by suicide is a much more intense and confusing … Continue reading

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