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How to Be An American

“Being able to walk away from the conversation is the definition of privilege.” Brene Brown’s comments on Charlottesville. Advertisements

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Introducing Assertiveness

Assertiveness training has been around since behaviorists Andrew Salter and Joseph Wolpe (separately) in the 60s first identified the passive –> assertive –> aggressive continuum of habitual relationship styles.  Passive or submissive people do not demand or expect regard for their own rights.  Aggressive people have no regard for … Continue reading

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Psych Research Again Proving the Obvious: We Need Each Other

A meta-analysis of multiple studies coordinated by researchers at BYU found that social isolation…, loneliness…, and living alone.., correspond[ed] to an average of 29%, 26%, and 32% increased likelihood of mortality, respectively. [The researchers] found no differences between measures of … Continue reading

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Gun Violence Trends in the US

A new report in the Annual Review of Public Health on gun deaths was just released and is making its way through the news.  My husband and I will be in the UK and Europe again this spring, and I remember how … Continue reading

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Book (p)Review: Depersonalization Disorder

I remember, at the funeral of a loved one, shaking hands, accepting hugs, saying “thank you” – when suddenly my brain gave way.  I couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, had forgotten how to respond to comfort.  It was the lowering of The … Continue reading

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Coming Home Soon

My husband and I will be finished with our time abroad and home again in less than two weeks.  I thought I’d post a slide show of some of the places we’ve seen in our travels with the students: It … Continue reading

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Toolkit: Divorce with Young Children

The American Psychological website has links to resources on handling divorce when young children are involved.  The most important consideration is touched on here: Research suggest that it’s not divorce in itself that most harms children, but the tension between … Continue reading

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