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The Novice Mindfulness Exercise (1-10-1)

This exercise takes anywhere from 9-12 minutes, depending on respiration rate. The goal of here-and-now training is to be fully present – not thinking about the past or worrying about the future, but gently focusing attention on where you are … Continue reading

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Buddy Biofeedback

Many years ago, in a previous incarnation (in Houston Texas), I was a certified biofeedback therapist.  Here’s an exercise I wrote for partners. Biofeedback for relaxation training does not necessarily mean being hooked up with electrodes to an expensive machine.  … Continue reading

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Increasing Daily Pleasure

Nearly everyone who comes in for psychotherapy is struggling with symptoms of depression.  They no longer enjoy life.  They get little pleasure from things that previously made them happy. So do people feel depressed because we stop doing things we … Continue reading

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Toolkit: Simplify!

Source of photo I’m always trying to come up with simpler versions of the assignments I give to patients to work on between sessions.  It is helpful to have techniques at hand to deal with the vicissitudes of of daily … Continue reading

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