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Using Our Tech in Healthy Ways

The APA continually publishes articles of general interest, including the following advice for dealing with our phones and computers: Don’t use phones behind the wheel. Thousands of Americans are killed each year by distracted driving. When you’re in the car, … Continue reading

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Caregiver Support

Taking on the Job Identify your support team. Who else shares the burden? Recognize that although we may feel alone, there are usually others we can lean on to a greater or lesser degree. Be realistic with yourself about what … Continue reading

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More Writing Prompts for Fun and (therapeutic) Profit

Make several lists: 1. phases of my life 2. people in my life 3. places in my life 4. places in my head 5. the world outside my hometown – people/places/events I relate to or feel something about 6. things … Continue reading

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The Ineffable Cheerfulness of Acknowledging Suffering and Impermanence

Some friends and family members have decided to read selected Buddhist teachings and talk about them together, all with our own reasons for doing it.  My main reason is that it makes me cheerful.  Roshi’s famous quote – “Life is … Continue reading

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Karla’s Anxiety Management Plan, Or How to Stop Dithering and Actually Get the Work Done

I’ve been blogging on and off for years.  Some versions of my blog have disappeared – some have become inaccessible for inexplicable (to me) tech reasons – one long series of posts I can still read but not modify.  Those posts … Continue reading

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So I’ve been meditating fairly regularly each morning for awhile, on the recommendation of contemplative traditions across multiple continents and thousands of years.  The idea of meditation is very appealing to my introspective personality.  I’ve had a couple of interesting, … Continue reading

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Toolkit: Mini Relaxation Techniques

Dealing effectively with an anxiety disorder requires a two-pronged approach. First, we must develop a personalized daily routine for general anxiety reduction.  This should probably include enjoyable physical exercise (with stretches – yoga is a good option), good sleep hygiene, … Continue reading

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